[Fmovies] Movie Chaman Bahaar

Release Date – 2020 /
Movie Info – A small town panwalla falls for a schoolgirl who lives opposite his shop. He experiences love, jealousy and betrayal without meeting her even once /
Jitendra Kumar /
genre – Drama /
Scores – 3190 Votes

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1. Background Score is just delightful and keeps you hooked, even the story is quite simple and predictable
2. The main song takes you away and after that it just hummns into you mind and set the mood and vibe after the interval. What a placement of song
3. All side characters have played very well and they stick to their persona till end which makes the movie amiable
4. Jeetu’s presence and clever branding of movie helped it reach out to people which other such kind of films were not able to do before
5. One thing, which I found out of place was Jeetu’s getup. It was just not getting through. Also, Rit’s (female lead) character placement didn’t suit as she belong from well to do family and have to attend a sarkaari school. There can be explanationation to both of these arguments but as a viewer I found them odd instantly.
I’ll not go deep and analyse more as it is the time to celebrate this amazing desi content by a debutant director who did an amazing work. Btw ending was just the perfect.

The way movie has captured a truth of male youth mindset in indian society in many small indian towns is amazing. Acting by all character is right on spot as required while giving a message movie never bores you.
Most importantly it shows how you can make such an amazing on a budget without pouring money on un necessary show off.
Sonu Nigam’s melodious song fits perfectly. Jeetendra Kumar and 5-6 characters done great job. Although the performances and background is similar to Panchayat, the script sometimes looses its grip. The ending is realistic and not like typical bollywood masala which ends with happy or sad way but loopholes in script does not let story succeeded.

A simple small town story, which will easily steal your heart… A Paan wala boy falls in love with a beautiful girl, who was shifted with her family in front of his paan shop… Our beloved Jeetu bhaiyya(Jitendra Kumar) has done a great job as always… Other supporting casts have given very good situational comedy, human emotions, regional background music will keep attached you from the 1st scene to the last… So, give it a watch! ❤❤.